2017 Point In Time Results

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is a biannual tally of people without a home on a particular night. The last PIT occured on January 28th, 2017. The results of the count shape Orange County’s approach to ending homelessness. View the results of the count below. 2017 PIT Results: 2017 Point-in-Time Briefing Summary 2017 Point-in-Time Results Presentation

About Point In Time

Why conduct a homeless count? We count to understand homelessness in our community in order to end it. The”Point-In-Time” count & survey provides statistically accurate data on the homeless population in Orange County, a Housing & Urban Development (HUD) funding prerequisite. Who is coordinating the count? OC Community Services has partnered with 211OC, and the Health Care Agency to help conduct the Count and Survey process.  OC Community Services will provide project leadership and guidance. 211OC will provide day-to-day project management, logistical support and oversee the volunteer recruitment. Orange County Health Care Agency will provide resources to ensure that the unsheltered, hard-to-reach and homeless with physical and mental disabilities are given a voice.  Focus Strategies has been contracted once again to implement the HUD methodology and the final report. Point-In-Time Count Methodology Orange County uses the public places with sampling point-in-time homeless count methodology, which divides the county into map areas.


Why do we need to determine the size of the homeless population? Why is the Count in late January? Will the Count include homeless people who aren’t “on the streets” i.e., in temporary shelters? How many people are needed to help conduct the Count? Do I need any special skills to be a Counter? A Survey Taker? Can I get paid to work on the Count? What is expected of a Counter? What is expected of a Surveyor? I am not able to be a Counter or Surveyor. Are there other ways I can volunteer to help with the Count? How long will the Street Count take? What about safety during the Count? How do I sign up to volunteer? How do I register for a training session? Why do we need to determine the size of the homeless population? Everyone counts in Orange County, whether they have a home